NTT MSC was awarded the world-class Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS®) certification by EPI Certification at the recent launch of its new expansion project, CBJ4 Annex Data Center and Sora Building.

NTT MSC has achieved the DCOS® Rated-4 Certification for its operational processes being fully measured and controlled with continuous improvement for its data centre operations, service level management, security management, facilities management, and monitoring/reporting/control.

“Many data centre operators focus on certifying their facilities, which is great. However, market research has shown that most data centre downtime is due to human error. Hence, without certification on the operational processes, data centre operators/owners still run a considerable risk in their operations which could
seriously impact their ability to deliver the service level promised to their customers and put the customers’ data and business at uncalculated risk. NTT MSC is the first data centre in Malaysia with both the constructed facility (ANSI/TIA-942) and operations (DCOS®) certifications. This places NTT MSC clearly in the leading position in the Malaysian market, providing verifiable evidence to its
customers that NTT MSC is fully committed to deliver top-notch services in all aspects. This is a very compelling reason for enterprise customers who are looking for a high-availability and secure data centre service provider to put their trust in NTT MSC,” said Edward van Leent, chairman and CEO, EPI Group of Companies.  

“We chose the ANSI/TIA-942 and DCOS® Standards over other standards/guidelines, because their advantages, which many people are not aware of, are undisputable. The fact is the ANSI/TIA-942 and DCOS are complete standards covering all areas required for a fully managed data centre, their criteria are available publicly, there are multiple auditors and the certificates are awarded by a certification Body which is under the oversight of an accrediting body thereby ensuring competence and impartiality. These are verifiable benchmarks that our customers can refer to. Being the first to achieve these two certifications demonstrates our total commitment to provide the best data centre service levels to our customers and setting NTT MSC’s services above those of our competitors,” said Ken Deguchi, president & CEO, NTT MSC Sdn Bhd.