Jaguar Network and the Open-IX Association, a 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association formed to promote better standards for data center interconnection and Internet exchanges, announced that Jaguar Network’s JN MRS01 data center has been awarded the prestigious OPEN-IX® OIX-2 certification. By receiving this designation, Jaguar Network’s facility is the first international data center facility to meet the stringent requirements of this global standard.

The OPEN-IX OIX-2 certification is a hallmark to the technological excellence of the Jaguar Network site in Marseille, validating its quality, reliability and infrastructure security. The JN MRS01 data center, a major telecom hub, is ideally located for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The OIX-2 certification singles out Jaguar Network as an internationally acclaimed strategic partner facilitating hosting and cloud computing operations for businesses worldwide seeking to effectively perform in the European market. The OIX-2 designation also ensures that the Marseille-based hosting infrastructure is fully compliant with specifications of the standard for the reduction of complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets as well as the implementation of business-critical environments, international IP core networks or content platforms (CDN, cloud computing, etc.).

Kevin Polizzi, CEO of Jaguar Network, states, “We are proud of receiving this award. Our data center is the first in France and Europe to be approved and this certification represents an achievement and a measure of the excellent work done by Jaguar Network teams. We have always been focused on solutions providing the very best in services, while placing innovation at the heart of our priorities. Universally recognized in the international market, OPEN-IX’s OIX-2 certification demonstrates our involvement as a key player of Internet and cloud solutions.”

Organized and operated by volunteers from the Internet, the Open-IX Association aims to increase the reliability, resiliency and competitiveness of massive-scale interconnection for all. With the help of broad participation of interconnect and data center professionals, the association has successfully developed Internet Exchange and data center consensus-based community standards and certified 23 data centers and five exchanges since its establishment in 2013.

“Upon certifying our first IXP outside of the U.S. earlier this year, the Open-IX Association is excited to extend the OIX-2 certification to Jaguar Network’s JN MRS01 facility, thus designating it the first international Open-IX-certified data center,” adds David Temkin, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Open-IX Association. “JN MRS01 marks Open-IX’s 28th certified entity and further validates the demand for neutrality, openness, service offering, infrastructure and operations standards in data centers and IXPs around the globe.”