The Massachusetts Internet Exchange (MASS IX), the carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange in Boston, and the Open-IX Association (OIX) have announced that MASS IX has been awarded OPEN-IX® OIX-1 certification. The designation, which defines the technical requirements, minimum service levels and information-sharing provisions of participating exchanges, marks the first OIX-1 certified Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Boston. MASS IX provides a physical platform that is distributed over seven data centers in the Boston metro area, making it the largest Internet Exchange in the region.

Powered by TOWARDEX, a Massachusetts-based network services provider specializing in providing innovative and optimized connectivity solutions for the cloud and network-enabled enterprises, MASS IX is a state-of-the-art interconnection platform dedicated to improving performance and lowering the cost of network interconnections throughout the greater Boston area. The TOWARDEX network offers 125 route miles of statewide optical network, reaching all major data centers, carrier hotels and interconnection facilities, while providing fiber access to network-enabled enterprises, data centers and cloud providers. OIX-1 certification signifies that MASS IX adheres to standards of neutrality, openness, service offering, infrastructure and operations.

“We’ve put in significant efforts to develop MASS IX into a state-of-the-art peering point which will ease and promote interconnections in Boston,” states James Jun, director of MASS IX. “We’re excited about the Open-IX certification because it signifies that MASS IX is delivering a world-class peering experience that is in compliance with professional standards focused on openness and neutrality adopted by the Internet community.”

Organized and operated by volunteers from the Internet, the Open-IX Association is dedicated to increasing the reliability, resiliency and competitiveness of massive-scale interconnection for all. With the help of broad participation of interconnect and data center professionals, the Association has successfully developed Internet Exchange and data center consensus-based community standards and certified 29 data centers and 10 exchanges globally since its establishment in 2013.

“We are pleased to name MASS IX as the first Open-IX-certified Internet Exchange in Boston,” remarks William Charnock, chairman of the Open-IX Association. “Certification by Open-IX signifies to data centers, carriers, content providers, Internet Service Providers, and multiple-system operators that MASS IX is actively working to reduce the complexity that restricts interconnection in Tier II markets.”