Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company, has revealed the newest member of its eFuse Protection IC lineup, the LS0502SCD33S. This novel development introduces the single cell super capacitor protection IC, tailored explicitly for charging backup power sources under extreme conditions.
Backup power is essential in numerous settings, but lithium-ion batteries' limited temperature tolerance often restricts their application. In response, Littelfuse engineered the LS0502SCD33S, leveraging supercapacitor technology to deliver a solution that excels in a broad temperature range and offers superior power/energy density. This single-cell approach ensures a reliable and compact backup option.

A standout feature of the LS0502SCD33S is its proficiency in managing high operational voltages (above 3 V), eliminating the necessity for intricate power management arrangements. The LS0502SCD33S protects against potential system impairments with its integrated input overvoltage and current protection mechanisms. It offers an adaptable, all-in-one, and space-efficient solution for storage capacitors or capacitor banks. Additionally, it incorporates a diode for reverse blocking to maintain performance and efficiency when the input voltage drops.

The LS0502SCD33S Single Cell Super Capacitor Protection IC is ideally suited for various SuperCap uses, such as:

  • Automotive dash cameras,
  • Smart utility meters,
  • IoT gadgets,
  • Industrial handheld devices,
  • Portable electronics with removable batteries.

"With the LS0502SCD33S Single Cell SuperCap eFuse, we provide electronic developers a supremely efficient supercapacitor charging protection IC solution integrated into a single component," said Bernie Hsieh, assistant product manager for the Protection Semiconductor Division at Littelfuse. "This extension of the eFuse Protection ICs family broadens our offerings to include protection for portable battery-operated devices, positioning Littelfuse at the forefront of the fast-evolving SuperCap management and protection market."
The LS0502SCD33S stands out by supporting an extensive array of protection functionalities, such as over-current protection (OCP) and over-voltage protection (OVP), while also being energy-efficient and facilitating automatic primary/backup switchover, distinguishing it from competing products.

Beyond its protective capabilities, the LS0502SCD33S offers numerous advantages. It enhances reliability and extends the lifespan, helping manufacturers lower maintenance costs. Moreover, it promotes extended battery durability and minimizes the end-products' size due to its compact design, an essential feature for devices that require prolonged standby times.
Functionality Overview
The LS0502SCD33S is a comprehensive backup storage capacitor system solution that integrates input overvoltage, overcurrent protection, a reverse blocking switch, and supercapacitor charging control circuits. It ensures balanced charging for two-cell supercapacitor configurations, operates with a minimal 2.5 μA current draw after the storage component is fully charged, and signals the disconnection of the input supply, allowing the primary system to react swiftly.