Mission Critical is excited to introduce you to the 2024 Top 25 Women in Technology. Meet Julia Larikova.

Title: Vice President, Product Line Management

Company: Infinera

Age: 50

Education: Master’s degree in biomedical engineering; master’s degree in electrical engineering

Organizational affiliations: OpenRAN

Achievements/awards: 10-plus patents; various internal Infinera awards

What made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in technology?

Both of my parents are engineers and there was a lot of inspiration from family and friends.

What inspires you to do what you do?

The people I work with inspire me – they are key drivers in innovation and have a desire to improve technology.

What role does sustainability play in your life?

Sustainability plays a big role in my life. Most of the innovation I work on is driven by the desire to reduce footprint and power in the telecom industry, so sustainability is a key factor in aspects of my decision making.

What is the most fascinating thing you have learned while working in this industry?

When people are motivated, inspired, or challenged, innovation is unstoppable.

What’s something unique about you personally?

I believe I have a good combination of strong people skills coupled with a deep technical background, which is typically uncommon in my field.

What’s something unique about you professionally?

I believe I have the ability to effectively engage at various levels of our organization as well as with our customers and suppliers, bringing the right level of knowledge and attention needed in each case.

What’s your most admirable quality?


Why is diversity, equality, and inclusion important to you?

The telecom industry is predominantly male, and diversity and equality are critical factors for the success of any company.

What aspect of the industry do you think has the most potential for growth, and, on the other hand, which aspect do you think needs the most improvement?

Leadership positions in the technology field lack diversity and has the most potential for growth and improvement because companies/industries can benefit from inclusion of minorities and gender diversity.

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