Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, has introduced the Vertiv™ XTE 601E, an 84-in., all-in-one outdoor enclosure designed specifically to bring flexibility and a reduced equipment footprint to C-RAN network architectures. Now available to customers in North America, the Vertiv XTE 601E is highly configurable and capable of housing network equipment, DC power and batteries within the same enclosure chamber while tailoring the equipment rack space and number of battery strings to the needs of the site.

That flexibility is critical to C-RAN networks, where electronics traditionally housed at the base of a cell tower can be centralized for use with multiple towers. In turn, this eliminates the need for some enclosures at the cell site, where cellular providers are increasingly seeking options to further reduce equipment footprint and costs. The Vertiv XTE 601E does just that, allowing providers to house more equipment or more batteries in the enclosure and to adjust that mix as needed. That means the DC power system, battery backup, radio equipment and electronics can be housed in a single, thermally controlled enclosure.

“C-RAN is a major step forward in cellular network architecture and intelligence, enabling more advanced capacity management, streamlining network operations, and paving the way for 5G,” said Scott Armul, vice president and general manager, DC Power and Outside Plant Products, for Vertiv in the Americas. “Fully leveraging these more intelligent networks requires some fundamental changes to the network infrastructure. The Vertiv XTE 601E delivers the flexibility necessary to make those changes possible and, by reducing the equipment needed to support the network, it helps to reduce capital and operational expenses and service time and costs.”

At 84 in. tall, the Vertiv XTE 601E has the capacity to reduce overall cabinet footprint at a site by as much as 75% and can support concurrent installation and operation of both macro cell site and C-RAN equipment. That allows cellular providers to make a measured, seamless transition from macro to C-RAN technology.

The Vertiv XTE 601E is compatible with either traditional valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) or nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Its standard configuration includes two battery boxes, but either or both can be removed and replaced with adjustable rails to accommodate additional equipment. The enclosure is offered with thermal management systems tailored to the environment and the equipment — a heat exchanger in cooler climates or an air conditioner in climates with higher temperatures and/or specific operating needs.