Data Centre World Paris, held for the seventh time this year, brought together the giants of the data center industry. Exagate attracted attention with a stand offering valuable additive solutions for data centers such as environmental monitoring, power distribution units, leak detection systems, and software, and shared with the world how advanced its technology is.

This year, Exagate introduced a new product, the PWG2 Series 2nd Generation Intelligent PDU, to visitors at the exhibition, adding a new feature that made a difference in the data center industry. Introduced for the first time in Paris, this new Intelligent PDU enables effortless management and monitoring of energy distribution in data center cabinets. It provides comprehensive control over the energy infrastructure with its user-friendly interface and optional environmental sensors.

The PWG2 Next-Gen PDUs, a pioneer in the industry, combine unique features such as reliability, power quality management, accurate measurement at 0.5%, and residual current monitoring. The PWG2 Intelligent PDU Series is designed for critical system security, providing a high level of flexibility, real-time monitoring, and secure communication for easy power management.

With the ability to operate up to 60 degrees Celsius and measure values stably, it provides durability for data center operations. In addition, the PWG2 Intelligent PDU Series, which is compatible with the Exagate SmartPack software, provides data center operators with management, analysis, and reporting support.