SAN FRANCISCO — ForgeRock® joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an ecosystem of independent software vendors that have integrated their solutions to defend against a world of increasing threats. To be considered for MISA, organizations must demonstrate integrations that support the goal of improving enterprise security.

ForgeRock’s integrations with Microsoft include an authentication node that checks a device's posture against Microsoft Endpoint Manager, an authentication node that checks a user's threat risk against Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and a common audit handler (CAUD) that acts as a bridge to push data from any ForgeRock product to Azure Sentinel.

“Joining MISA aligns with ForgeRock’s purpose of helping people safely and simply access the connected world,” said Ben Goodman, senior vice president, global business and corporate development, ForgeRock. “By combining the power of Microsoft Security Intelligence with ForgeRock’s identity expertise, our shared customers will be able to deliver more secure, seamless digital experiences.”

The integration capabilities include:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager: ForgeRock’s Intelligent Access can now query Microsoft Intune mobile device management system via the Microsoft Graph to see whether or not the end user's device satisfies a compliance policy before it is allowed to access a protected resource. This includes checking the device posture from Microsoft to see if the phone has been jail-broken or if a machine is running the latest operating system. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the new unified management platform, including both Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager.
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD): Intelligent Access can query the risky user resource type in Azure AD via the Microsoft Graph. This allows customers to take advantage of their current investments and use Azure AD Identity Protection, which processes 6.5 trillion signals per day, to identify, protect, and respond to and from identity-based threats. This allows ForgeRock’s platform to see whether someone has potentially been compromised before they are allowed to access a protected resource. Depending on the risk status, the tree can branch off and do an additional authentication step or deny access.
  • Azure Sentinel: The ForgeRock CAUD is a framework for audit event handlers that are plugged in to ForgeRock’s solutions. The handlers record ForgeRock events, logging them, for example, into files, relational databases, or syslog. Since Microsoft has a number of pre-built visualizations, dashboards, and alerts that work out-of-the-box on common event format (CEF) data, ForgeRock provides a CEF-based event handler in order to seamlessly leverage the CEF artifacts Microsoft has already configured.

“I am pleased to welcome ForgeRock to the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association,” said Ryan McGee, director of Microsoft security marketing.  Through MISA, we hope to further enable collaboration between leading security technology companies, so, together, we can better secure and protect our joint customers. MISA members are the cybersecurity industry leaders, unified by the common goal of helping secure our customers by offering their own valuable expertise and making the association more effective as it expands.”