Mirantis and Juniper Networks have announced an expanded engineering partnership that provides customers with a reliable, open-source software-defined networking (SDN) fabric to deploy OpenStack clouds at scale. Mirantis OpenStack, an OpenStack distribution that is easy to install and operate at scale, will now support and interoperate with Juniper Contrail™ Networking, a standards based SDN solution for enterprise and service provider customers. Mirantis OpenStack also supports and interoperates with OpenContrail, an open source SDN solution.

According to a recent report by 451 Research, the OpenStack market size is estimated to reach $1.7 billion by 2016. Enterprises and service providers are increasingly looking to open-source software for its increased flexibility, cost savings, no vendor lock-in and the ability to customize integration with other infrastructure and applications.1

Juniper and Mirantis have published a reference architecture for deploying and managing Juniper Contrail Networking with Mirantis OpenStack so that customers can easily scale OpenStack clouds without relying on complex, expensive and vendor-proprietary networking and management software. The Juniper and Mirantis joint deployments deliver impressive scale with regards to the number of cloud server nodes.

The reference architecture is validated for Mirantis OpenStack 6.0 (based on OpenStack Juno), with Juniper Contrail Networking. Mirantis and Juniper plan to release a Fuel plugin in 2Q 2015 to further automate and simplify deploying and managing large-scale OpenStack clouds.

"Mirantis is the go-to vendor for building an OpenStack cloud. Integration of Mirantis OpenStack with Juniper Contrail Networking gives the enterprise-grade support that customers expect for large-scale open-source cloud deployments," said Ankur Singla, corporate vice president and general manager, Cloud Software at Juniper Networks. "By providing developers, partners and customers a proven, open-source reference architecture, together Mirantis and Juniper will help accelerate adoption, foster new innovation and help customers realize the benefits of SDN more quickly."

"Real-life customer installations demonstrate that Juniper Contrail Networking works at scale for OpenStack," said Jason Venner, Mirantis, chief architect and OpenContrail Advisory Board member. "By leveraging Juniper Contrail Networking with Mirantis OpenStack, companies can reliably operate large production OpenStack clouds with software-defined networking, improving data center performance, automation and scalability. Plus, its open source and proven open-standard protocols offer customers future-proofing and investment protection in how they architect their cloud."

1 451 Research: OpenStack Pulse 2014 Report


This article was originally posted “Juniper Networks And Mirantis Expand Partnership” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.