PARSIPPANY, N.J. — FNT Software and Infosim® announced a formal geographic expansion to their long-standing partnership.

FNT recently released the integration of FNT Command into StableNet® by Infosim. Through the integration, enterprises can automate the documentation of technical components within network infrastructures and significantly improve the accuracy of data within FNT Command.

As a modern, web-based software solution with a central data repository, FNT Command empowers enterprises to speed up daily data center processes and reduce unplanned downtimes. With an open architecture and standard interfaces, it provides continuous end-to-end signal tracing across cable infrastructures, faster fault analysis and repairs, and planning scenarios based on accurate, up-to-date information.

StableNet provides fault, performance, configuration, and services management on a single platform.  A vendor-agnostic solution, StableNet is built upon a single, consistent code base. The unified network and services management approach has been successfully implemented in key industries like energy, finance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and many more.

The interface between FNT Command and StableNet automatically imports and updates data on chassis, including routers, switches, and load balancers as well as modules, submodules, and physical ports. Once the data transfer is complete, FNT Command will compare the data to resolve any discrepancies between the actual physical network and the documented infrastructure.

“Infosim has been our partner for several years, and we’re proud to bring our working relationship to the U.S.,” said Steve MacDiarmid, general manager of FNT Software, North America. “To meet rising expectations, service managers require a central database from which to control and optimize the delivery of enterprisewide IT services. Integrating FNT Command with StableNet allows enterprises to transform network infrastructures faster and more efficiently to meet the demands of the digital world.”

“We’re very excited to be extending our relationship with FNT to our Americas customer base,” said Andrew Tiedeman, CEO of Infosim Inc.  “Our customers constantly turn to us for help solving the many challenges of today’s rapidly changing enterprise network.  Especially now with increased telecommuting and the use of the cloud, IT management needs innovative tools that work in synergy to allow for rapid deployment of resources and problem resolution. StableNet and FNT are perfect partners in meeting that challenge.”