Deploying high-efficiency mode uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs) can dramatically improve power efficiency for companies looking to save money and shrink their environmental impact. Yielding savings significant enough to produce a 100% return on investment (ROI) in as little as two years, these innovative UPSs can provide significant financial benefits to data center operators.

The newest double-conversion UPSs are often more than 93% efficient when fully loaded and can deliver as little as 86% to 89% efficiency at the lighter loads commonly encountered in data centers. In contrast, high-efficiency mode UPSs are up to 99% efficient when running in energy-saver mode and maintain this high efficiency even at light loads. That seemingly small difference can quickly add up to significant savings.

Table 1 reveals the magnitude of those savings by comparing annual energy costs under identical conditions for both a legacy UPS and a modern high-efficiency mode UPS. As shown in Table 1, increasing efficiency from 93% to 99% reduces UPS power losses from 25.2 kW to just 3.6 kW, which in turn lowers energy spending by over $31,000 per year.

While the price-tag of high-efficiency mode UPSs vary, these savings deliver 100% return on investment within two to three years in most cases. Possible utility incentives for energy-efficient power systems in the data center reduce the capital cost of the UPS and improve the ROI payback period.

Furthermore, the high-efficiency mode UPS’s improved efficiency produces significant environmental benefits, as shown in Table 2.

In short, using modern high-efficiency mode UPSs instead of constant double-conversion devices both lowers operating costs and strengthens environmental sustainability.

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