CentralSquare Technologies recently announced that five Oklahoma public safety agencies have selected CentralSquare’s 911 solution to go live this summer. This deployment aims to improve GIS mapping, enable seamless collaboration and ensure critical 911 infrastructure has backup servers to maintain operations during severe weather events.

Unified through Payne County 911 Authority, Payne County Sheriff's Office, City of Stillwater Police, City of Yale Police, City of Cushing Police and the Oklahoma State University Police needed technology that would support the safety of the region’s 80,000 residents and Oklahoma State University’s 25,000 students.

“We selected CentralSquare’s 911 Solution because it has advanced features such as text, location, video, integrated mapping, and call-handling in one system. This helps to ensure we can share resources multi-jurisdictionally when responding to emergencies,” said Todd Parry, Captain of the Services Bureau of Stillwater Police Department and board member of the Payne County 911 Authority. “Given Stillwater’s excellent experience with CentralSquare’s Pro CAD, opting for its 911 Solution was an obvious choice for continued progress with our NG911 capabilities and speed responses.”

With 911 servers running in multiple locations, the Authority will have peace of mind knowing that systems stay online during large-scale disasters or extreme weather events, like tornadoes, that otherwise may cause outages.

“CentralSquare’s 911 system will help the Authority ensure that from the second a call is placed to the moment a situation is resolved, there is fast, coordinated information sharing to keep responding officers and citizens safe,” said Kevin Wattenbarger, Director of 911 at CentralSquare Technologies.