This new infrastructure monitoring system from Sensaphone is designed to oversee crucial conditions across enterprise server room infrastructures in multiple locations. The IMS-4000E combines environmental monitoring, physical security and network surveillance into a user-friendly system that enables users to proactively mitigate potential risks. 

IT personnel can effortlessly access real-time data from the IMS-4000E host and sensor nodes using any smartphone, tablet or computer. This easy access enables instant status checks, program adjustments and review of historical data. 

Suitable for both large and small server rooms, the IMS-4000E system ensures uptime by identifying possible issues before they escalate. It monitors various conditions including temperature, humidity, line voltage, water leak detection, server response, uninterruptible power supply systems, smoke, sound level, motion, room entry, airflow and power outage. Upon detecting that conditions have deviated from optimal parameters, the system immediately notifies designated personnel via email, text or phone message. 

Each rack-mountable IMS-4000E host unit supports up to eight sensors and offers IP-device monitoring to ensure network-wide component availability. Additionally, users have the flexibility to scale up the system by adding up to 31 nodes, each supporting up to eight sensors for comprehensive coverage.

An internal battery backup ensures uninterrupted functionality during power outages, enhancing the system’s reliability.