In celebration of International Data Center Day, Watts announced the “Chill and Skill Data Center Cooling eLearning Challenge.” This six-week, eLearning campaign, running from March 20 to April 30, is specifically designed to educate industry professionals about Watts’ family of solutions designed for data center hydronic cooling systems.

Participants will have free access to a wide selection of eLearning modules, averaging just eight minutes each, across seven key categories: 

  • Hydronic Cooling
  • Fire Protection
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Plumbing, Hot Water, and HVAC
  • Drainage
  • Water Quality
  • Continuing Education

Upon completing modules, learners earn tokens and tickets. Tokens are accrued and redeemed for a wide variety of Free lifestyle merchandise through the Watts Learn & Earn program. Tickets serve as entries into the 150th Anniversary Sweepstake Drawings. As an extra bonus, upon completing 12 of the 147 available modules in this campaign, learners will receive a bonus: a 14 oz. four-in-one tumbler/cooler. 

To participate, please register for your free Watts Works Online account. Access is immediate and so are the benefits.