Goetz delves into the evolving landscape of skills needed for success in data centers, advocating for a balance between hard and soft skills. She explores the significance of diverse perspectives, including those of women and veterans, in shaping the industry's future. Addressing the hurdles faced by transitioning veterans, she calls for increased awareness of the multitude of roles available within the tech sector, tapping into the vast expertise they bring, especially in construction.

Goetz challenges the conventional emphasis on college degrees, advocating for alternative paths to learning and skill development. She stresses the importance of networking, mentorship, and seeking advice, urging individuals to reach out and connect with industry professionals. She closes with a powerful message, encouraging aspiring professionals to be adaptable, leverage their networks, and actively participate in the dynamic and rapidly advancing world of data centers. Her wealth of experience and commitment to fostering inclusivity and education shine through, making this interview a valuable resource for those embarking on or considering a career in the tech industry.