nVent Electric plc recently announced a collaboration with Hyperview, a cloud-based data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform. The collaboration will offer data center customers expanded control and monitoring capabilities for their power distribution units (PDUs).

nVent PDUs steadily deliver power to data centers, helping their systems run smoothly. Because operators aren’t always on-site, they need to remotely monitor data center system functions, which support their customers’ mission critical operations. The new Hyperview integration will enable greater remote monitoring through the cloud, including real-time updates and notifications. Customers will be able to seamlessly monitor their operational technology (OT) equipment, and securely control and upgrade PDUs, improving security, promoting sustainability and streamlining operations.

"At nVent, we are building a more sustainable and electrified world,” said Shubhayu Chakraborty, president of CIS Global, part of nVent. “Because of this collaboration, our customers will be able to better monitor and control mission critical systems, making them more efficient and safer. The combination of Hyperview's innovative DCIM platform and our reliable PDUs will help operators manage their infrastructure more efficiently than ever before."

The Hyperview integration offers secure architecture to access an end-to-end control pipeline for outlet control and firmware delivery. With this advancement, users will receive proactive notifications for firmware availability, confirming authenticity, model compatibility and delivery. Additionally, the upgrade and rollback process has been simplified with automated change management and documentation.

"Security is paramount in infrastructure management, especially when dealing with OT equipment located in remote areas," said Jad Jebara, president and CEO of Hyperview. "By empowering operations teams to remotely monitor, control outlets and perform firmware upgrades, they can fortify their infrastructure, reduce travel and lighten the workload on their staff."