ADRF announced the release of its new emergency power off (EPO) switch for public safety repeaters (PSRs). The user-friendly PSR EPO Switch enables manual cutting and restoration of AC power and DC battery backup to the repeater — most emergency responder communication enhancement systems (ERCES) can only be shut down through a graphical user interference, which takes time to access.

The EPO Switch, available as either PSR-EPO-PKG-U or PSR-EPO-PKG-X, helps system integrators and building owners meet EPO requirements for ERCES in select U.S. counties. The PSR-EPO-PKG-U consists of the PSR-EPO-ENC (enclosure) and the PSR-EPO, while the PSR-EPO-PKG-X includes the PSR-EPO and the PSR-EPO-CBL-X (cable set). 

"The EPO Switch reinforces our long-time promise to provide customers with public safety solutions that meet the needs of every deployment regardless of jurisdiction," said Sun Kim, director of product engineering at ADRF. "As the public safety communication industry continues to grow in size and complexity, it’s important to be vigilant in developing useful add-ons to our flagship products.”