The Artesyn CSU2400AT 2400 W series combines the common redundant power supply (CPRS) form factor with an 80PLUS Titanium efficiency certification.  

Operating with efficiencies of up to 96%, these power supplies from Advanced Energy Industries reduce energy consumption and improve space utilization in distributed power conversion systems for compute, storage, and networking equipment. In addition to meeting the demanding requirements of new installations, the standard CPRS 1U x 73.5 mm form factor allows these power supplies to be quickly and easily integrated into existing deployments.

“80PLUS Titanium certification is an increasingly common requirement for energy-related products and will soon become mandatory in compliance with European Lot 9 legislation,” said Richard Caubang, Advanced Energy’s senior technical director for enterprise and network products. “The CSU2400AT series addresses these requirements, while the CRPS form factor provides a simplified upgrade path to higher efficiency, more space-efficient solutions in existing installations.”

Accepting input voltages of 180 to 264 VAC and 180 to 336 VDC, the CSU2400AT hot-pluggable power supplies feature active power factor correction (PFC), have very low total harmonic current distortion to comply with EN 61000-3-2 limits even at light loads, and are PMBus-compliant. Each power supply delivers a nominal output voltage of 12.2 V while active current sharing facilitates the connection of multiple power supplies in parallel for applications requiring higher load current or redundancy. A “cold redundancy” capability optimizes efficiency in cases where system loads do not require the full power of connected power supplies.

The CSU2400AT series is compliant with EMI Class A, IEC 60950, and IEC/EN/UL 62368 standards as well as all relevant safety standards.