TORONTO — InfoSec Global Schweizand Airbus Defence and Space and Airbus Cybersecurity announced a partnership to join forces for the development of cybersecurity and cryptographic agility management solutions.

Formalized by a framework cooperation agreement, the companies have shown their firm commitment to advance a strategic partnership to deliver enhanced solutions to customers who are operating under particularly demanding security requirements. They will jointly develop and deliver innovative solutions to identify and remediate cryptographic vulnerabilities while protecting critical digital ecosystems.

"InfoSec Global has unique subject-matter expertise and technology in the field of cryptographic agility management," stated Julien Probst, global head of product, InfoSec. "Through this collaboration, we will reinforce Switzerland's national cyber resilience and ensure long-term data privacy and sovereignty. We look forward to leveraging our joint capabilities to help Switzerland better control its critical cryptographic technologies and use it as a model for helping other governments and nations do the same."

"Airbus Defence and Space is committed to the highest standards in our cybersecurity applications,” said Bernhard Brenner, executive vice president of marketing and sales for Airbus Defence and Space. “Through this cooperation with InfoSec Global, we will further strengthen our solutions to protect governments, defense, critical infrastructure, and enterprises from increasingly complex cyber threats. This cooperation is another example of Airbus' cooperation with Swiss partners, especially in the security-relevant technology and industry base."

The two companies will continue to collaborate on strategic projects currently underway in Switzerland while scaling the partnership and broadening its reach across additional countries around the world.