When it comes to rack space in the white space, size matters, and that’s why the MiniRaQ by Eaton secured a place at the top of the Racks category. 
Capable of holding up to 400 pounds in its compact footprint, the MiniRaQ by Eaton provides a reliable enclosure that fits in confined spaces. Its simple, modular design allows for single-technician installation, reducing installation costs and time to deploy. 
The MiniRaQ is compatible with a wide variety of Eaton UPSs — specifically lead-acid and lithium-ion battery offerings, automatic transfer switches, and bypass and rack power distribution units — to support power reliability requirements while providing an additional level of security for remote environments.
Eaton worked closely with BlackHawk Labs to create the MiniRaQ. The focus of the design was reducing effort for the installer while still maintaining a rugged construction. This was achieved with a modular build that supports equipment changes over time. Unlike traditional horizontal-mount enclosures with 19- to 23-inch limitations, the MiniRaQ by Eaton empowers IT professionals to vertically mount networking and server equipment up to 35 inches in length safely and securely.
In addition to the time- and space-saving features offered by Eaton, the optional high-velocity, multi-fan module ensures networking equipment stays cool. 
“Overall, the MiniRaQ offers customers versatility where they require it, with the convertible design allowing users to adapt and future-proof their environments as requirements change over time,” said Melody Goforth, account executive, Eaton.