Working with its customers, installers, and partners, Corning Optical Communications developed a technology designed to increase speed of deployment and enhance network reliability. It’s called Corning CleanAdvantage™ technology, and it’s the winner of the Cables/Cable Management category. The technology utilizes proprietary cleaning technology for the entire connector ferrule with an optimized cap design to ensure a factory-clean connector ready for installation. CleanAdvantage eliminates the need to clean and scope MTP and LC connectors prior to the first mating connection.

But, by far, the most notable feature of the connectors is how they can ensure every first-time installation is free of contaminants, increasing network reliability.

Experienced industry professionals are familiar with the excruciating, painstaking experience of installing, cleaning, and connecting countless fibers only to have connections fail to meet link-loss standards due to microscopic dirt and debris.

According to Cisco, any contamination in the fiber connection can cause failure to not only the component but also the whole system. To mitigate this risk, operators field-clean connectors prior to installing them, which is resource-intensive in terms of labor and cleaning supplies. Not to mention, current testing standards around the end-face quality of connectors only cover specified “check areas.” Particles outside of those areas can migrate, degrading signal quality slowly over time without operator knowledge.

“By integrating a new proprietary cleaning technology into the manufacturing process, Corning CleanAdvantage removes complexity and risk from the field and delivers an easier experience for those involved with data center installations,” said Arelis Soto, marketing manager at Corning.

For contractors, eliminating tedious testing steps from the installation process enables them to complete projects up to 17% quicker, unlocking additional revenue opportunities. For end users, faster completion of critical infrastructure projects minimizes downtime.

Corning scientists and engineers worked in conjunction with field technicians to ensure the technology was easily deployed and operated — installation is as simple as removing the dust cap and inserting the connector. By reducing cleaning waste, CleanAdvantage also makes data center operations more sustainable.