March 22, 2018

Building trust through Access Transparency

Google Cloud Blog

Author: Joseph Valente

Auditability ranks at the top of cloud adopters’ security requirements. According to an MIT Sloan Management Review survey of more than 500 IT and business executives, 87% of respondents cited auditability as an important factor in evaluating cloud security — second only to a provider’s ability to prevent data compromises.


March 20, 2018

Refining Big Data with Deep Learning

Cisco Data Center Blog

Author: Han Yang

If data is the new oil, there is one major difference. Unlike oil, which over the years have suffered from unpredictable supply, for much of the customers, there is only abundance of data. Despite the glut of data, the same customers profess there is often a shortage of actionable information.


March 16, 2018

Top five barriers preventing hybrid cloud migration

DCD Colo + Cloud

Author: Robert Henley, Agile Data Sites

As we speak, there are tense conversations about the cloud taking place in the C-suites of mid- to large enterprises in which the CIO, CFO and CTO are often sitting on opposites sides of the conference room table.


March 15, 2018

Shielded Solid Insulated System (2SIS) – The Next Generation of Medium Voltage Switchgear

Schneider Electric Blog

Author: Joe Richard

Medium voltage switchgear designs have seen only minor changes since the establishment of metal-clad switchgear in the 1970s. However, the electrical distribution industry is experiencing workforce, financial and regulatory pressures that require new designs to meet modern applications.


March 14, 2014

History of Google's Evolution of Massive Scale Data Processing

Green Data Center & Wireless Blog

Author: Dave Ohara

To figure out what to do now and the future it is useful to look at history. One that I am currently immersed in is what the platform for future systems should look like and one part is the data processing area.


@johna_white 25 Jan

RT @Expedient: It is “Expedient Day” in the City of #Pittsburgh as we celebrate our @NovaPlace data center expansion with an open house and…


@RSBHAT  22 March

RT @3hanot @avarakai Is this reason for tour de norway Europe’s biggest data center to open in Måløy Norway


@GuillotineG 22 March

RT @Forbes: Facebook’s data sharing was ‘normal,’ says Cambridge professor at the center of the #deletefacebook scandal…


@Shirastweet  22 March

IBM Security is pursuing a 3 “C” strategy, #Cloud , Collaboration, & Cognitive. - Cloud is the mechanism of distribution - Collaboration, sharing threat feeds & code - Cognitive refers to the value added anaysis layer


@MoonLite_ICO 22 March

Our ICO has successfully been completed. Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for updates on the development of our data center.


@OfficeDazes 22 March

60 Hudson Street - Data Center Property



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