March 13, 2013

Enterprise advice for cloud computing and colocation customers

The Uptime Institute

Posted by mstansberry on 13-03-2013

A 2012 Uptime Institute survey of global data center owners revealed that 85% use some form of colocation or cloud computing. Yet 54% had no confidence in their ability to compare cost and performance of outsourcing alternatives dependably.

Currently, the vast majority of enterprises deploy a hybrid computing environment. The decision is no longer binary — whether or not to outsource. 

March 19, 2013

Report: The CIA and Amazon are in cahoots over secret cloud


Author: Barb Darrow

Now here’s a story that will probably never get confirmed:  Federal Computer Week is reporting that the Central Intelligence Agency has contracted cloud kingpin Amazon Web Services to build a cloud for the super secret spy agency.

There can be a lot of speculation on what kind of cloud the CIA would want, but one thing is almost for sure.  The CIA cloud is not a public cloud.

March 21, 2013

This Data Center Comes With a Theater on Top


Author: Robert McMillan

The stylish data center operators who brought you the underground bunker from outer space and the modular data center of the future are cooking up a new plan. This one involves a 120-year-old gas plant in the center of Stockholm stacked with five floors of servers and a high-tech theater on top.

March 21, 2013

Opening Data Centers From New York To Chessington To Dublin

Data Center Dynamics

Author: Ambrose McNevin

Today finds me in Dublin to visit Microsoft’s mega site just to the West of the City. It is March so everyone here complaining about the weather. Everyone, that is, I’m sure, except Microsoft. The firm moved here, it said, as much for the cool, damp climate as for the friendly investment environment. I’m being given a tour of the latest extension to the site.

@DataCenter Mktpl 21 Mar

Cisco, others see run on data center switches: Data center Ethernet switch revenues exceeded...

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RT @vishal_the451: checkout the enterprise mobility panel at #HCTS Europe


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