Zetta has announced Zetta Disaster Recovery, a new cloud-first disaster recovery (DR) solution that offers sub-five minute failover with the push of a button. The new solution enables small and mid-sized enterprise (SME) customers and partners to continue accessing business-critical applications with minimal disruption during a downtime event. The cost-effective service offers high availability and reliability for even the most demanding recovery time objectives (RTOs).

“From human-led malicious attacks to unexpected system downtime to natural disasters, unforeseen events can be costly, even devastating, for today’s data-driven business,” said Mike Grossman, CEO, Zetta. “With the new Zetta Disaster Recovery, applications and databases can failover in less than five minutes, so businesses and their employees can continue working without interruption. This delivers true peace-of-mind without the cost and complexity that has been traditionally associated with disaster recovery solutions.”

“At EMA we have estimated that the cost of downtime can vary from as much as $90,000 to $6 million an hour, depending on the industry and its application environment. But, no matter how you slice it, downtime is a cost most businesses simply can’t endure,” said Jim Miller, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. “Disaster Recovery in the cloud can be an efficient and cost-effective way to avoid the potentially high cost of downtime. With Zetta Disaster Recovery, Zetta delivers cloud-based business continuance with a complete service that features both simplicity and affordability.”



Easy-to-Achieve Disaster Readiness and Recovery

Zetta Disaster Recovery is an end-to-end service that provides complete deployment-to-failback coverage. It includes upfront network, firewall, VPN and connectivity configuration and automated DR testing, which can be easily customized to accommodate an organization’s unique network environment, ensuring that, in the event of a disaster of any kind, a company can be fully operational in the cloud. 

The new DR service also supports incremental failback, allowing companies to continue to run their systems in the cloud, while Zetta Disaster Recovery manages sequential failback in the background. As a result, final switchover from cloud to local operations can happen painlessly – in minutes. 



Enterprise-Grade DR Solution at an Affordable Price

Zetta Disaster Recovery is a cost-effective option for companies that cannot afford to invest in a secondary DR site but who require rapid failover with truly dynamic scalability and rapid throughput rates. Zetta Disaster Recovery bundles network and VPN configuration, and DR testing and planning, eliminating the need for companies to engage outside professional service firms to perform these functions.



Optimized for Complex IT Environments

Zetta Disaster Recovery has been architected with the needs of larger enterprises in mind: to rapidly protect very large data sets and complex IT environments using fewer system resources and in less time than alternative options. Key features of Zetta Disaster Recovery include:

  • Comprehensive support for end-to-end DR including backup, failover and failback
  • Failback flexibility with support for incremental failbacks
  • High-performing IO, CPU and RAM resources to support workload demands of SME organizations
  • Pre-provisioned virtual VPN and firewall to ensure that an organization’s workers have on-demand access to applications running in the Zetta Cloud
  • Power-on DR testing to validate that systems and applications will be operational in event of disaster

All protected data is encrypted via SSL in flight to and via AES at rest in the Zetta Cloud. For additional security, options for secure VPN connectivity to the recovered environment in the Zetta Cloud include Point to Site, Site to Site and IP takeover.