Zetta.net has announced findings from its "The State of Backup Survey" which outlines statistics on the types of environments the average backup is protecting and the backup approaches used by most organizations.

"Our participants shed interesting light on the reality of the current backup environment," said Gary Sevounts, CMO, Zetta.net. "In particular, we learned that organizations are increasingly adopting the cloud for disaster recovery. A third of participants told us they were planning to add a new DR approach, and 52% of those planned to add cloud."

When asked about the types of backup organizations use, it was clear that multiple backup types have become the norm:

  • Three in four (79%) are currently using a combination of file, application and server image backups
  • 52% are using all three backup types (file, application and server image)
  • Of those organizations planning to add a new backup type in the future, 76% will add server image backups
  • On the topic of DR, change is underway and implementations are expanding:
  • Nearly all (97%) are currently using some form of disaster recovery
  • 70% use one of four types of disaster recovery solution including: on-premise DR, physical offsite DR (such as tape), on-premise plus cloud DR, or on-premise plus physical offsite
  • Nearly one third (31%) plan to add a new DR method to their environment
  • Of those adding a DR method more than half (52%) will use the cloud
  • Underscoring the increasing complexity of today's enterprises, the majority of respondents had multiple operating systems to protect. Further, organizations still need to protect a mix of virtual and dedicated servers.
  • 63% use more than one OS
  • Windows was the most common OS, with 95% of organizations reporting that they have it in their environment
  • Just over half (53%) report that less than 70% of their environment is virtualized

The Zetta.net State of Backup survey collected data from 425 IT professionals in organizations across multiple industries and in a range of sizes.