TIBCO Software Inc. has announced the launch of TIBCO® Cloud Services, a comprehensive toolset for enterprises leveraging the cloud in pursuit of digital transformation. With the massive growth in big data, cloud, the Internet of Things, and mobile technologies, enterprises today must be equipped to quickly discover and leverage emerging business opportunities in a hyper-connected world. TIBCO provides the connective tissue for this type of digital business transformation through cloud services that enable DevOps-ready, container-based architectures and scalable, persuasive integration. TIBCO Cloud Services are customizable by design, allowing organizations to create bespoke usage solutions depending on the workflow and needs of a particular operations model or division. Developers can create, publish, and consume APIs and use packaged connectors or create their own integrations. Line-of-business users can connect SaaS applications to run only the business processes necessary for the operation of their domain. Industrious digital citizens are enabled to connect existing SaaS services and new sources of data together to streamline their work. To facilitate these capabilities, the core of TIBCO Cloud Services proffers three key solutions: TIBCO® Cloud Integration, TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition, and TIBCO Simplr™.

“The cloud is now the key resource for providing enterprises with the ability to extend access to and understand data, and to draw meaningful insights from that information to grow their businesses,” said Matt Quinn, executive vice president of products & technology and chief technology officer, TIBCO. “TIBCO Cloud Services make up a comprehensive platform to enable organizations to achieve their digital transformation, letting users connect everything and augment their intelligence with data.”