Cloudistics has announced the release of Cloudistics FLARE; a simplified data center platform optimized for SMB, ROBO, and retail environments. At the same time, it announced the launch of Cloudistics v3.3, now featuring deduplication and wider support for larger and more diverse applications.


Cloudistics FLARE

Cloudistics FLARE is ideally suited to fulfill the needs of smaller facilities. By combining all the physical resources for a small data center with Cloudistics enterprise software, FLARE provides a single, easy to manage solution that requires no special skills and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. The FLARE package includes:

  • Pre-packaged servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management software.
  • Plug-and-play, easy to deploy, and simple single-pane-of-glass management from anywhere.
  • Built-in services such as an application marketplace, data protection, disaster recovery, firewalls etc.
  • Hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) management interface.
  • Limitless scaling, grow as your application demands small footprint and energy efficiency
  • Simple, all-inclusive pricing

FLARE will change all that. It’s an all-inclusive data center-in-a-box that incorporates key infrastructure components — network, storage, compute, and virtualization — and which can moreover be managed from anywhere, using the all-inclusive web-based SaaS Ignite user interface.


Cloudistics v3.3

The Cloudistics v3.3 release is an update to the software component of the company’s complete on-premises cloud platform. The new release delivers several features that enhance scalability and productivity and increase customers’ return on investment in the support of larger and more diverse application workloads.

The new release includes these notable updates:

Compression and Deduplication with Single-Instance - Cloudistics Storage Blocks will natively include compression and deduplication with single-instance for data reduction. This will help customers reduce their storage footprint by a factor over 3x to 5x, increase data density, and lower facilities’ power and infrastructure costs. Customers deploying workloads will achieve storage reduction without any loss in performance, reliability, or scalability. A fully populated storage block with thirty-two 4TB flash drives will deliver over 500PB effective storage.

Support for the soon-to-be-released 14th generation Dell-EMC PowerEdge FC640 half-width modular servers as compute nodes – In addition to support of Dell-EMC PowerEdge FC430 and FC630. The new servers incorporate Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and deliver high performance with best-in-class density and exceptional scalability. A large memory capacity, of up to 2TB per node, make them a strong building block in large and dense workload scenarios.

Expanded Application Support for a wide variety of application workloads based on Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, and OpenSolaris – enabling customers to migrate or deploy an increasing variety of workloads on the platform including, virtualized legacy applications, purpose-built virtual appliances, and more. 

This article was originally posted “Data Center Platform from Cloudistics®” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.