CloudJumper has announced the company has expanded its strategic relationship with ProfitBricks, a leading channel-focused cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, to deploy nWorksSpace WaaS solutions within the Switch Tier 5® Data Center campus in Las Vegas. CloudJumper partners now have the ability to build highly competitive WaaS and cloud application delivery solutions on this premier brand of ProfitBricks infrastructure which has been recognized by the Uptime Institute for “enhanced availability and reliability.”[Switch, Switch Announces Its New Tier 5® Data Center Standard, June 8, 2017].

The Tier 5® Data Center Standard was introduced this year by Switch, a leader in data center design, development, and mission critical operations. With ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure operations located within Switch’s Core Campus in Las Vegas, CloudJumper will host a growing number of nWorkSpace accounts in this environment. The Switch Tier 5® Data Center Standard not only encompasses the resiliency and redundancy of other data center ratings systems, but also evaluates more than 30 additional key elements, such as long-term power system capabilities, the number of available carriers, zero roof penetrations, the location of cooling system lines in or above the data center, physical and network security and 100% use of renewable energy.

ProfitBricks is a next-generation cloud computing IaaS hosting service, addressing the needs of solution providers for high-performance and dedicated-core IaaS options that can be quickly scaled to variable levels of compute power and storage capacity. The ProfitBricks system employs an intuitive, easy-to-use management interface to configure and manage services delivered with a predictable and affordable fee structure. The combination is a cloud platform on which VARs, systems integrators, and managed service providers can build cloud-based solutions for their customers, as well as managed cloud practices. The company’s competitive advantages have been enhanced through partnership with Switch, a highest-rated data center provider whose core business is the design, construction, and operation of ultra-advanced data center facilities.

“The migration of IT service providers to the nWorkSpace platform continues to accelerate as partners regularly applaud CloudJumper’s channel-friendly business model, excellent margins, unmatched support, and choice of data center partners,” said Max Pruger, chief sales officer, CloudJumper. “We are excited to expand our involvement with ProfitBricks in the Switch Tier 5® data center campus because of the exceptional opportunities that will be made available to our partners in the design of their service portfolios.”

“IT service providers interested in building customizable, reliable, flexible, and scalable solution portfolios are discovering the advantages of ProfitBricks,” said Aaron Garza, vice president of Business Development, ProfitBricks. “The alignment with CloudJumper and ProfitBricks takes WaaS and cloud application delivery to a whole new level, allowing mutual channel partners to design and deliver cloud-based IT solutions that are aligned with market demands and industry requirements.”