Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) and vXchnge entered a strategic alliance to leverage their collective global footprint. vXchnge provides Colt DCS clients with superior colocation data center services in high-growth U.S. markets, while Colt DCS offers vXchnge customers the opportunity to expand their data center operations in Colt DCS’s strategically placed Asia-Pacific and European data centers.

Colt DCS chose vXchnge as a trusted U.S. colocation provider, dedicated to expanding its data center capacities, providing 7 nines of uptime reliability along with what the company calls “maniacal” customer service in high-growth U.S. markets. Meanwhile, Colt DCS provides vXchnge customers with access to its full suite of colocation products across Europe and Asia, along with best-in-class management.

“vXchnge’s footprint across the United States serves markets that reach over 80 million eyeballs and over one billion network-enabled devices,” said Ernest Sampera, vXchnge CMO. “Colt DCS customers can accelerate their edge strategy by leveraging vXchnge data centers in strategic markets in the U.S. for their infrastructure deployments.”

The alliance between vXchnge and Colt DCS capitalizes on numerous synergies including offering carrier-neutral services and flexible, high-performance infrastructure platforms. The data centers are designed to afford customers and service providers the flexibility to expand capacity as they grow.

Combined, the two colocation data center providers offer edge services in key U.S., EMEA and Pacific Rim growth markets. Both operate sustainable, energy-efficient data centers to accommodate customers’ desires for reducing their carbon footprint. And, both companies provide a full suite of colocation products with a loyal enterprise customer base due to their efforts in best-in-class service management. The partnership offers the companies’ customers the comfort to grow into new markets knowing they will receive a similar level of service.

“Our Specialist Consultants work closely with our customers to ensure flexibility in their contracts offering on-demand leasing, power and bandwidth options, eradicating unnecessary colocation overheads you find with other providers,” said Jackson Lee, VP of Corporate Development in Data Center Services for Colt Data Centre Services.