Information Systems Associates Inc. and Asset VUE LLC have entered into a new strategic alliance. The two companies have agreed to work together to provide professional and consultancy services and technology solutions to the largest and most complex data centers for data center asset management (DCAM). DCAM is a rapidly growing requirement as large organizations come under pressure to increase service levels at their data centers by increasing available capacity.

With the advent of new demands by users on smartphones, social media, and the rapid growth of on-line applications, data center organizations must find ways to not only expand capacity but also more effectively manage existing capacity by understanding what assets are already deployed and how efficiently they are being used. ISA and Asset VUE both have been delivering solutions for the largest data centers through their software offerings and professional staffs led by experienced former data center executives. The companies recently cooperated on an engagement at one of the largest Telcos and largest business consulting firms and individually have delivered services and solutions at other large organization data centers in the US and abroad.

Joe Coschera, ISA’s CEO said, “Since the founding of ISA in 1994, we have been engaged by large data centers to help them in collecting data about their environment. Our company has developed software and services to assist these organizations and it is because of the growing demand for DCAM as a key component of Data Center Infrastructure Management, we believe that our close cooperation with Asset VUE should be expanded.” He went on to say, “the principals at Asset VUE collectively have many years of experience in management of large data centers and this partnership gives us the credibility to broaden the scope of our offerings.

Michael Murphy, chairman of Asset VUE said, “Our highest priority at Asset VUE is to deliver quality solutions to our clients. Working with industry partners that have credibility within the industry and a shared vision to streamline IT operations for our clients is critical to our growth. ISA’s long history of working in this arena makes them the ideal partner for us to work with.”

The companies signed agreements to work together last year. In the short term, the organizations will jointly market the Data Center Services Consultancy offering and have already identified large projects which will benefit from this offering. Over the next 90 days, the companies plan to sign an agreement covering additional areas of cooperation including tighter interfaces between ISA’s OSPI solution and the Asset VUE Solution Suite including the RFID enabled Asset VUE Inventory and Asset SECURE products.