AlohaNAP has announced that it is increasing its cabinet capacity by nearly 70%. The expansion is driven by growing customer demand for colocation in the Pacific region, resulting in AlohaNAP’s occupancy more than doubling from 40% in 2016 to 89% at the end of Q3 2017.

The increase in capacity in the AlohaNAP facility brings the current occupancy to 63%. The expansion is partly driven by content providers from the mainland U.S. and Asia requiring colocation and access to peering services while bringing their content to the island and in greater proximity to endusers. With continued demand, there are already plans for a 2018 expansion to add further significant cabinet capacity.

“The demand at our facility is a healthy combination of local business using our space for production or disaster recovery facilities as well as content coming in from the mainland U.S. and Asia to better serve local endusers, and to reduce the need for backhaul to move this content,” states John Bonczek, president, 1547 Critical Systems Realty. “Hawaii has been an underserved market from this perspective, and we are committed to supporting the data center requirements of the local business community as well as global providers looking to bring content to the island to fill that gap.”

AlohaNAP is the premier multi-tenant, carrier-neutral data center in the Pacific region. Located in Kapolei, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, the facility connects North America and Asia in a single hop. AlohaNAP is one of the only purpose-built commercial data centers on the island of Oahu, situated two miles inland and over 160 feet above sea level, outside of any floodplain and tsunami zones. Leveraging its strategic geographic location, AlohaNAP is also a high bandwidth capacity “meet-me” point, providing access to Hawaii Pacific Teleport, an international satellite communications provider.