Legrand’s second-generation Cablocut battery powered cable tray cutter can easily slice steel and stainless-steel cable management trays up to 6 mm in diameter. Using it instead of a manual cutting tool allows electrical contractors to trim overhead cable management systems to specification faster, which reduces installation time and overall project costs.

The updated Cablocut tool resembles its predecessor but offers a variety of new features to help electrical contractors increase their jobsite productivity.  

Standardized battery platform

The tray cutter tool runs on a standardized Makita® lithium-ion battery system. It is powered by a 1.5-amp hour, 18-volt battery pack that is interchangeable with other batteries in the Makita cordless tool line.  

Easy maintenance

To further enhance contractor productivity, the new Cablocut shearing blades are manufactured to last twice as long as the previous blades. The tool has also been redesigned to make it easier for users to change the blades in minutes.

Additional modifications have been made to enhance the durability of the tool. The hydraulically driven tool has a dampening system that oils the unit to protect the seals and extend the life of the product. As an added benefit, the hydraulic dampening system significantly reduces the tool’s maintenance needs. 


The Cablocut tool is ergonomically designed for operator comfort. With the push of a button, contractors can control all of the tool’s functions, making it easy to operate it one-handed. While manual wire cutters create a pinching action to cut cable trays, this tool uses a shearing action to produce a clean, smooth edge, which prevents burring and eliminates follow-up work. It also has an open rotating cutter head, which enables contractors to trim cable trays in tight, hard-to-reach spaces.