Snake Tray has introduced the hand bendable Mega Snake to bend around obstacles in buildings.  Mega Snake is the preconfigured high capacity overhead cable tray that comes in straights, turns and Ts to make installation quick and cost effective.  Now with the new bendable Mega Snake component even the most cumbersome obstacle can be easily managed.

Mega Snake’s unique design can convey thousands of cables for large cable runs. Snake RailÔ, a built-in suspension system, requires no brackets and allows for random placement of the hanging rod system.  Snake RailÔ can seamlessly interface with other size Snake Trays as well as patch panels, strain relief and fiber optic pass over devices.  Onsite fabrication of turns, tees, and cross sections are no longer required with our pre-manufactured components. Mega SnakeÔ is the first large sized cable tray to be built that nests together for cost effective shipping and easy onsite handling.