Rittaloffers a mobile solution for HPC applications — a rapidly deployable turn-key cloud data center in a container. This features standardised modules, e.g. UPS systems, and cooling units with outputs of up to 200 kW — ideal for resource-intensive tasks. Rittal’s BCC (Balanced Cloud Centre) container is for HPC platforms. Specifically, a BCC consists of five special cloud hardware ‟BLOBs” (binary logic objects), comprising five to ten IT racks — plus components such as servers and storage systems. For CPU-hungry applications, HPC BLOB hardware can be deployed. And where vast storage and memory are required, for example for complex analytics, Big Data BLOBs are available. These can be implemented as an on-premises solution, or provisioned from the cloud. A major advantage of the BCC container solution, in combination with the cloud service, is its exceptional mobility. Data generated across the globe can be safely and easily transferred from the point of origin to the nearest data centre. This is particularly advantageous for big data analyses conducted at remote sites (such as edge computing).www.rittal.com