The Rittal Edge Data Center comprises two Rittal TS IT racks, plus corresponding modules for climate control, power distribution, UPS, fire suppression, monitoring, and secure access. These units are available in various output classes, and can be easily combined for rapid deployment. Moreover, to safeguard critical components from heat, dust, and dirt in industrial environments, the Rittal Edge Data Center can be implemented in a self-contained high-availability room.

To streamline edge data centre planning, Rittal offers a special web-based configurator. Customers who would prefer not to operate the edge data centre themselves can opt for Rittal’s managed services.

The Rittal Edge Data Center can be extended two racks at a time. Moreover, the modular approach provides customers with diverse options, allowing it to accommodate a variety of scenarios — for example, installation in an IT security room, or in a container, to be located wherever it is required.