ByteGrid Holdings LLC (ByteGrid) has announced that the company has achieved the SOC2+ HITRUST designation, making it the first data center provider in the U.S to earn both the HITRUST designation and EHNAC accreditation.

HITRUST was founded in 2007 to safeguard information security in the healthcare industry. Over 84% of hospitals, health plans, health care organizations and business associates use the certifiable framework (CSF), making it the most widely adopted security framework in the U.S healthcare industry.

In order to be successfully assessed against the HITRUST CSF, ByteGrid had to show that its security controls were aligned with the HITRUST security framework. One of the most important elements of the HITRUST framework is the formal information security management program (ISMP). The ISMP defines how ByteGrid meets the HITRUST goals and objectives.  This gives HIPAA regulated companies assurance that ByteGrid protects Personal Health Information (PHI) consistent with the widely recognized security standards of HITRUST, based on a successful audit by an accredited third party auditor. 

As ByteGrid has a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) and has already achieved EHNAC accreditation and ISO 27001 certification, this HITRUST designation is further confirmation of its dedication to providing the very best compliant data center solutions.

In October 2016, the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and HITRUST announced that the two organizations had streamlined their certification programs, with EHNAC replacing its HIPAA-related privacy and security criteria with the HITRUST CSF provisions and controls. ByteGrid has been accredited by EHNAC since 2014.

“We are extremely proud to have passed the rigorous process of earning the SOC 2 +HITRUST designation, and we are thrilled to be leading our industry in this important new era of high quality safety and security in regards to data center and cloud services,” said Michael Duckett, chief executive officer, ByteGrid. “Very few data center providers can demonstrate HIPAA-compliant hosting at the same level as ByteGrid, achieving the SOC 2 + HITRUST designation is just further proof that our solutions and services stand up to the toughest standards that a data center can be assessed against.”