FNT Software has announced a partnership with mission critical and technology service provider Xzact Technologies. As part of the partnership, Xzact will offer FNT Command as an integral component of their holistic enterprise data center solutions to document the physical IT assets, building infrastructure and telecommunication networks.

As data centers expand, cabling and IT infrastructure have a tendency to spiral out of control, increasing complexity and impacting the ability to proactively manage change. Misplaced or mislabeled cables have the potential to impact data center management, services and efficiency.

FNT Command allows users to document, plan, and manage entire data center infrastructure inclusive of building infrastructure, IT assets and telecommunication networks via an integrated system that offers end-to-end visibility of IT Services. No matter how complex the infrastructure, FNT Command helps deliver greater efficiency in managing IT assets, finding fault, activating cables, and planning network expansion.

“This new partnership allows FNT Software and Xzact to join respective specialties and deliver the most complete data center management solutions to individual customers,” explained Sean Graham, FNT Software’s general manager for North America. “Both companies aim to optimize data center infrastructure and provide data center managers lowered costs, increased efficiency and the ability to keep up with ever-expanding business demands.”

"Each of our enterprise installs are unique and complex, and require the need to document the cabling infrastructure to proactively manage ongoing changes,” explained Javier Martin, chief information officer at Xzact Technologies. “FNT Command is an integral tool to help organize and visualize IT deployments.”

Xzact’s expertise in crafting and installing personalized Physical Layer infrastructure (PLi) solutions establishes them as one of the leading providers of cable management in data centers. To augment their services, Xzact is now offering customers the option to add FNT Command as their data management software of choice.