Access Floor Inc.has announced today that Albuquerque-based Upsite Technologies, Inc.’s  award winning line of AisleLok®  products are now approved, cataloged, and available for sale through the U.S. General Services Association’s (GSA) schedule; an online ordering system that provides access to thousands of contractors and millions of products and services for federal government agencies.

Upsite Technologies’ AisleLok® modular containment system and line of airflow management solutions are designed to optimize data center airflow, increase cooling capacity, and lower operating costs. AisleLok® Modular Containment won the “Bright Idea” category of the 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards and recent independent CFD analysis has also shown that AisleLok’s® Under Rack Panel can provide up to $50,000 in annual energy savings for a 20,000 square foot data center through reduced intake temperatures as a result of eliminating exhaust air recirculation under the rack.

Through Access Floor Systems’ offering of the AisleLok® line, federal government agencies will be able to create more efficient data centers, a current priority of both the executive and legislative branches. Further underscoring the importance of this goal, the Government Information Technology Executive Council and Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab partnered in 2014 to offer a “Data Center Energy Challenge” aimed at improving energy efficiency in data centers operated by the federal government. The challenge calls for those data centers to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent by the year 2020 and has been accepted by several federal and private data center operators. 

 “We’re delighted for this opportunity to partner with one of the global leaders in energy efficiency solutions and data center airflow management products,” said Carol Blake, CEO,, Inc. “Upsite’s Aislelok® products are now availablethrough GSA Advantage® so that qualified agencies can make these vital purchases for their data centers immediately. Our online customer portal is set to seamlessly receive and process orders through their billing systems and is a very appealing option for agencies who prefer to work with vendors like Access Floor Systems that have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the sizeable ‘red tape’ requirements inherent with these purchases.”