Hyve Solutions has made its Open Compute Project (OCP) suite of data center solutions available to Federal government entities with its inclusion on GSA Schedule 70. As the first official OCP reseller, Hyve Solutions has deep experience in helping some of the world’s largest data centers maximize efficiency through its innovative OCP solutions, while reducing deployment costs.

OCP servers are designed to be efficient, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. OCP data centers were built with the goal of maximizing mechanical performance and having efficient thermal and electrical properties. Hyve Solutions OCP expertise, along with its parent company’s inclusion on GSA Schedule 70, makes it well suited to manage OCP deployments for Federal entities from concept to implementation.

“Hyve Solutions’ goal has been to use our design expertise, superior integration services, and logistics infrastructure roots to make OCP solutions available to a wider user base,” said Steve Ichinaga, senior vice president and general manager of Hyve Solutions. “Federal civilian and military data center environments can join the ranks of the more efficient data centers in the world now that Hyve Solutions’ OCP suite of data center solutions has been added to GSA Schedule 70.”

Hyve Solutions will be exhibiting at the Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, California from January 15-16, 2013 in booth #B12.