Eaton has unveiled the redesign of its largest and most popular B-Line® series mounting bracket sets for electrical, mechanical, and telecommunications applications. Eaton’s newest BB2-16T and BB2-24T mounting brackets achieve a new level of durability, versatility and value with an innovative telescoping design that allows for varying stud wall spacing.

Now available in the United States and Canadian markets, the newly designed mounting brackets meet the growing needs of commercial and prefabricated projects where ease of installation, superior strength and maximum agility are top priorities.

“Eaton understands today’s commercial customers require electrical mounting solutions that feature greater strength and quality to stand up to the evolving needs of contemporary facilities,” said Kyle Spencer, product line manager, Eaton’s B-Line series fasteners. “We have enhanced our new BB2-16T and BB2-24T mounting brackets and accessories to provide customers with a lower total installed cost solution, while lending optimal flexibility for a wider range of applications.”

Less rigid mounting brackets often create problems for electrical contractors because of bending during sheet rock installation. Eaton’s B-Line series BB2-16T and BB2-24T mounting brackets are purposefully designed with a unique center channel that adds rigidity for optimal bracket strength while maintaining market pricing to compete with competitors’ less rigid designs.

Using Eaton’s mounting brackets, commercial contractors have the ability to mount electrical and data boxes on up to four different box depths, reducing the need for multiple products for different box depth applications. The end flanges will bend the same as the existing design for 1 1/2-inch deep and 2 1/8-inch deep boxes. They can also be cut and bent to enable mounting of deeper boxes - such as multi-gang (2 ½-in. deep) or 5-inch square (2 13/16-in.deep) boxes — or other field modifications.

Unlike previous standard mounting brackets available on the market, Eaton’s BB2-16T and BB2-24T mounting brackets allow contractors to mount the brackets to the studs with two screws instead of the prior industry standard of four. For larger projects, this simple change in design can amount to significant savings from fastener purchase, installation and labor costs.

When the mounting brackets are used together with Eaton’s new box attachment clips, no additional hardware or tools are required for installation and multiple boxes can be mounted next to each other securely. With Eaton’s B-Line series BB2TSC box attachment clip, boxes snap easily into place and may be repositioned along the telescoping bar after assembly, which is ideal for prefabrication. 

For conduit, flexible conduit, and mechanical applications with piping and plumbing, four sizes of Eaton’s B-Line series BB2TPC clamps are compatible with the new mounting brackets:  ⅜-inch, ½-inch, ¾-inch and 1-inch. The clamps require no hardware to install, helping reduce material and labor on the job site. Eaton’s B-Line series BB2TCT tubing sleeves are also available as insulators to isolate copper tubing from the steel supports and clamps.

Eaton’s B-Line series mounting brackets are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed for the United States and Canada, and support most standard boxes with plaster rings measuring 4-inch square, 4-11/16-in. square, 5-in. square, and multi-gang electrical boxes with plaster rings. All mounting brackets are made of pre-galvanized steel and are shipped pre-assembled.