Emerson Network Power has released a new platform of high-performance, IP-based KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse). The new platform of Avocent® HMX digital high performance KVM provide Internet Protocol (IP) scalability, flexibility and reliability for broadcast and other control rooms where availability, security and video quality are critical. The new models are currently available in North America, Europe and China.

The new Avocent HMX KVM platform delivers a low latency, high quality user experience. High-resolution video is transmitted to desktop or device exactly as it appears on the remote computer.

“Due to the convergence of high-definition media and IP connectivity, today’s control room environments require a greater level of visibility and precise management capabilities than ever before,” said Jay Wirts, general manager, Avocent Core Products, Emerson Network Power. “The new Avocent HMX digital high performance KVM platform represents the next generation of our HMX product line and meets not only the most stringent industry standards for video resolution, but also Emerson’s own well-established standards for system availability and security over IP networks.”

Capable of transmitting 2560x1600 pixel video, the new Avocent HMX digital high performance KVM platform is designed for traditional broadcast control rooms as well as transportation and utility control rooms, emergency management centers, and similar critical environments. These high-performance solutions are designed for easy installation, operation and service, with no drivers or software required for basic installations. They can be deployed easily over an IP network, and are designed for automatic failover in the event of a network outage. In addition, the new systems function without fans, ensuring silent operation—an important consideration in control room settings.

The new Avocent HMX digital high performance KVM platform is IP-based and compatible with fiber, CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT7 cable — providing flexibility and eliminating the need for new cable or fiber runs. They support a comprehensive range of interfaces including digital video, hi-fidelity audio, USB mass storage, keyboard, mouse and most other USB devices.

The IP-based new Avocent HMX digital high performance KVM platform bolsters an Emerson KVM portfolio that also features analog and digital matrix systems — making Emerson Network Power the only KVM provider with solutions for any application.