Emerson Network Power has announced that its newest line of secure keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) and keyboard, mouse (KM) switches gained National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) approval and was added to the NIAP Approved Products list.

Emerson recently worked with NIAP to update its protection profile for peripheral sharing switches. In April, 2015, Emerson was the first to release a line of new secure KVM and KM switches designed to meet the new protection profile. In May, 2015 these products were submitted to NIAP for validation.

“The validation from NIAP provides confirmation to our customers that their desktop systems can be safe from most modern forms of attacks with our secure KVM and KM switches,” said Jay Wirts, vice president and general manager of core products for Emerson Network Power.

The new line of products includes the new Cybex™ SC family of secure desktop KVM and all-new KM switches — the most fully featured KVM and KM switches on the market today approved by NIAP. These switches enable easy, secure access to up to four systems through discrete processing paths, preventing data leakage, transfer or crosstalk between adjacent ports. Available in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, these switches are part of an ongoing launch of new and enhanced solutions that deliver best-in-class security capabilities for government, multimedia, broadcast, financial and IT operation center environments.

This approval by NIAP demonstrates Emerson’s leadership position on issues concerning network security from desktop to data center, and the heightened awareness within the industry of the vulnerabilities in today’s hyper-connected world. As security threats escalate, organizations increasingly separate sensitive information onto multiple networks. In these high-security environments, the Emerson portfolio of IT management solutions helps organizations streamline access to critical information and increase productivity.