OnX Enterprise Solutions has announced a partnership with PVD Modular to deliver Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) capabilities. Through this partnership, OnX and PVD Modular will design, deploy and manage modular data centers at any location and supply ongoing data center remote monitoring and operations management 24x7. Quickly engineering and deploying highly efficient and cost effective data center assets designed for specific client environments eliminates extra costs and accelerates a company's return on invested capital while highlighting the computing benefits vs. the traditional data center build out model.

For most enterprises, a self-generated and self-managed data center is not a feasible undertaking due to the amount of capital, engineering and work needed to develop and maintain the infrastructure. OnX recognizes this common dilemma among its enterprise clients and views the partnership with PVD Modular as a strategic move to answer concerns related to today's modern enterprise. OnX and PVD Modular adapted to this reoccurring industry need by developing a DCaaS solution that can be tailored specifically to fit clients' needs. The DCaaS solution provides flexibility in budget, access, and backup protection, allowing for a truly hands free data management solution.

"PVD Modular is excited to combine synergies with OnX Managed Services to solve the Data Center challenges of our clients globally," said Kevin Ryan, vice president business development, PVD Modular. "Whether to enable Big Data initiatives or simply to refresh existing infrastructure for Application Hosting or Recovery/Resiliency, OnX and PVD Modular can significantly reduce an organization's overall cost and time to deploy compared to traditional colocation or greenfield build-outs."

OnX's turnkey data center solutions allow a quick and smooth integration providing a competitive advantage of less than 120 days to deployment. These modular data centers are fully upgradeable and designed for a 25-year lifespan and can easily be expanded to add capacity as business needs evolve and data center geographical demands change.

DCaaS can be used to upgrade outdated facilities or develop entirely new ones without risking operation issues. "The entire data center and computing infrastructure can be delivered with fully deployed, pre-tested IT Systems that are monitored 24x7, backed-up, and managed by OnX and PVD Modular from day one at the client's site," noted Biff Myre, director, Solutions with OnX Managed Services. "This dramatically reduces the time for the enterprise to begin using the expanded compute power for its intended business purpose." Myre noted that when enterprises and their Big Data initiatives grow rapidly and require more space, the ability to merge units together provides greater flexibility to clients for scaling purposes. "All the units that are built and monitored under this partnership have been engineered to adapt to and meet the demand for high density computing in the future," added Myre.

OnX's and PVD Modular's Data Center-as-a-Service, enables clients to remain focused on their core business and meet time to market and growth demands with speed, agility and cost effectiveness. "We are proud to be partnering with PVD Modular for what we foresee as a unique and competitive advantage for enterprises in terms of costs and time to market in data center and IT management solutions," said Wayne Kiphart, president, OnX Managed Services. "With PVD Modular's expertise in the design, development and maintenance of data center modular units and OnX's track record of reliable 24x7 data center and infrastructure management, our joint DCaaS will improve and speed the way enterprises modernize their computing facilities and infrastructure at a greatly reduced cost and timeline with incredible flexibility."