Data Foundry has announced the addition of Cloud Services to its portfolio of managed services. Data Foundry has always prided itself on being a strategic IT partner and offering more than just colocation space. We are pleased to begin providing Dedicated Cloud Storage and CloudTap, a private and secure cloud connection service.

In addition to the new Cloud Services, Data Foundry currently offers a suite of virtual and physical security services, network services, structured cabling and infrastructure installation.

"We continue to aggressively expand our managed services portfolio, and we are excited to provide our customers with more options when it comes to storage and access to cloud services," says Mark Noonan, executive vice president of sales. "These new services complement our core services and enable our customers to better manage their overall IT strategy."

Data Foundry's Dedicated Cloud Storage is an enterprise storage-as-a-service solution with high availability features. It is a private storage solution that exists on virtual storage arrays and consists of dedicated cores and disks. Workloads in each array are completely isolated from one another, and users own their encryption keys. Users can also choose from SSD, SATA or SAS storage, or a combination of these. This provides companies with greater flexibility and reduced capital expenditure, as they would normally have to purchase these storage resources individually. Storage arrays are located in our Texas 1 data center in Austin, TX, and our customers are able to access their arrays via private transport, making it a highly secure and fast option for storage.

Data Foundry's other new cloud service, CloudTap, allows colocation customers to access cloud storage and cloud services from major providers, such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud without traversing the public Internet. Our network engineers have designed a solution that enables protected connectivity to all the major cloud providers.