Riello UPS and Fakouri Electrical Engineering (FEE) have entered into a distribution agreement. FEE becomes the distributor for Riello UPS products in the U.S., and assumes responsibility for marketing and sales of Riello UPS three-phase UL listed products, which will be stocked in their Rancho Santa Margarita, CA headquarters. In addition to supplying UPS products, FEE can assist customers with all aspects of pre-sale and after-sale service, including commissioning and maintenance.

FEE provides total turnkey service including design, engineering, sales, installation, and maintenance services for critical power systems (including UPS, batteries, ATS, emergency backup generators, 48 VDC power plants and more). They serve a broad range of industries including data centers, medical/hospital, telecommunications, industrial/manufacturing, schools and institutions, and commercial facilities.

“We’re very excited to be working with Riello UPS. Their products combine quality and features that you’ve come to expect from Italian craftsmen, but at an affordable price point,” said Mo Lamari, FEE director of business development. “We’ve developed unique capabilities within the critical power area in terms of design, commissioning and maintenance – and now with the Riello UPS agreement we’re able to provide customers with a top quality product as well.”

“The agreement with Riello UPS meets an unfulfilled demand in the industry for a top quality product that is affordable and does not come with proprietary lock-out software” continued Lamari. “This method is being implemented by major UPS manufacturers to force consumers to use their maintenance services at inflated prices under the pretext that no one can service them which is a false statement. Similar practice has been exposed in the auto industry and laws were put in place to protect the consumers and allow them the right to choose where to service their equipment.”

Riello will showcase their Master HP UL series UPS product line at the 24x7 Exchange event in Phoenix in October. FEE is developing marketing materials including literature and a new website which will launch in conjunction with the show.

“This is a great partnership for customers in many industries. FEE has the UPS expertise gained from 35 years leading the industry,” said Ed Kwiatkowski, business development manager for Riello UPS. “Now customers benefit from pre-sale systems design, if needed, top notch UL listed equipment available from stock, and post-sale commissioning and maintenance – for complete turnkey capabilities.”

The UL listed Riello UPS product line covers a wide range of power ratings, from 60-250 kVA, and is ideal for data centers, manufacturing facilities, automation, broadcast environments, critical communications/telecommunications, hospitals/medical facilities, schools, as well as industrial and commercial facilities.