In this month’s issue, we celebrate 7x24 Exchange’s 25th birthday. Andy Lane, our “Talent Matters” columnist, traces the organization’s roots from an idea into a full-fledged knowledge exchange whose goal is to “improve end-to-end reliability by promoting dialogue among” groups who “design, build, operate and maintain mission-critical enterprise information infrastructures.” Happy Birthday and many more!

If it is the September/October issue, it must mean a discussion on power. Consistently month after month, power is one of the hottest topics searched for by our readers and we cover it twice a year. This issue’s theme is power distribution considerations and we have both articles and a guest column that speak to the subject: Rahul Rajvanshi and Tom Hawkins of Siemens discuss low-voltage switchgear as the must-have solution for power distribution systems; John Day of Anord Critical Power talks about how the Form 4b Type 7 design switchgear entered U.S., furthering the discussion; Joe Skorjanec of Eaton writes on the special place PDUs have in the modern data center; and Peter Panfil of Emerson Network Power discusses what to look for in a UPS.

We also cover disaster recovery in an article by Chad Kennedy of Schneider Electric who writes about the importance of planning for natural disasters; Sev Onyshkevych of FieldView Solutions discusses how data center monitoring can keep your facility on track; and Garr Di Salvo of Arup examines points to consider when raising your data center setpoint.

Of course we have our talented columnists weighing in as well as case studies, products, news, and more for this jam-packed issue.