Enterprises that colocate servers and networking equipment in data centers want to be confident that their mission critical applications are supported by redundant infrastructure that is instrumented for constant management. To provide peace of mind to its customers, Cologix, a network-neutral interconnection and data center company, is introducing ‘Cologix Command’, a measurement and monitoring solution fully integrated with its CRM platform.

Cologix Command leverages a holistic visibility across Cologix’s infrastructure and customers in one centralized dashboard offering real time, historical, and predictive data across its data center platform. The central dashboard displays the operation of the platform’s UPS systems, backup generators, cooling systems, batteries, environmental controls, and other critical data center equipment. This provides Cologix’s operation teams the advantage of platform-wide data and insights needed to confidently manage each data center.

In addition, Cologix Command matches infrastructure to individual customer service profiles, connecting data collected on individual pieces of equipment to the customers’ services supported by that equipment. The platform interfaces with customers through an integrated ticketing system, advanced maintenance notifications and event management capabilities. “We selected Modius’s Open Data platform for its high speed, scalable data collection technology which we tightly integrated into Cologix’s cloud-based CRM and Canara Monitoring solutions,” explained Val Milshtein, vice president of technology, Cologix. “There are thousands of measured and calculated data points within a data center which, without DCIM, are nearly impossible to effectively analyze. We now have the ability to gain insight at a high-level or granular basis to the state and performance of every piece of equipment supporting a customer service with a few mouse clicks.”

“As we grow across North America, we are investing in technology to create the most reliable and transparent environment for our customers’ critical equipment,” said Grant van Rooyen, president and chief executive officer, Cologix. “By colocating in Cologix network-neutral data centers featuring Cologix Command, customers have confidence that the power, cooling and other critical infrastructure supporting their mission critical infrastructure is being monitored and managed with the highest degree of intimacy possible.”