In this issue we provide a rundown of the myriad ways to green your data center. Dave Dewis, of ICRTec Corp., takes a grid-wise approach to sustainability and Kim Griger, of 3M, discusses five ways to achieve efficiency because there is more than one way to go green. And we have two articles on airflow containment, which is always a hot topic. Raissa Carey of Chatsworth Products discusses the increasing regulation of airflow containment while Lars Strong of Upsite Technologies discusses modular containment in existing data centers as a way to improve IT equipment intake air temperatures and the reliability of equipment.

But there is more.

Todd Kiehn of Active Power traces the evolution of the modular data center and Richard Rivera of Siemens discusses how upgrading a fire alarm system can minimize equipment disruption and the risk of downtime. And rounding out our feature lineup is Tim Fredericks of SoniTech NDT who discusses a new way to assess interal data center piping conditions.

Our talented columnists have a full slate as well. This issue features columns by Julius Neudorfer, Peter Funk, Terry L. Rodgers, Paul Schlattman, Andy Lane, and Chris Crosby as well as a guest column from Mike Hollands of Interxion. All in all we hope you find it to be a well-rounded issue.


In 2015, Mission Critical will host two data center conferences. The National Datacenter & Computing Conference will be held in New York City in late June and in September in Santa Clara, CA. We will be adding updates at and in this space in future issues so watch for more details.