It is just amazing to me how fast time flies. It flies even faster in publishing because issues are being worked on ahead of time; right now as I write this it is exactly one week before Thanksgiving and you are reading this either the beginning of December online or mid-December from the print edition. So before even more time goes by, let’s focus on the highlights of 2015 and look ahead to 2106.

We expanded our coverage to include more IT-related topics and, for 2016, revamped our editorial coverage to include software-defined data centers, virtualization, and IT and data center automation to go along with our usual lineup of infrastructure related coverage.

We held our first data center conference, The Data Center Computing Conference & Expo, in June at the New York Marriott Marquis. It was a great success and we awarded our first Mission Critical Facilities Manager of the Year honor to Matt Gleason of CoreSite.

We added more bloggers to our blog roll and we added two more blogs to our site, Data Center Spotlight and Focus on New York, which focus on hot topics in the data center space and specific issues in the New York and Northeast data center markets, respectively. We are always looking for unique perspectives to help our readers do their jobs better, so if you have an article idea, send it my way to

This issue continues our quest to give our readers the best information. Rob McClary of FORTRUST gives tips on how to create a useful TCO Model and Analysis report in our cover story. Valerie Maguire of Siemon shares the latest developments on 25GBASE-T cabling, John Polenz of Emerson Network Power writes about the precautions facility managers can take to prevent arc flash, and Paul Mihm of Accord makes the case for using reliability centered maintenance in data centers. In addition we have our full slate of columnists offering their insights on the topics that affect you the most.

We are glad to have you with us as we look forward to the future. It will be here quicker than we think.