Rittal’s TS IT Dynamic Rack is an economical but reusable packaging system that enables the technician to unpack the enclosure, complete the installation of the intended computing hardware, then repackage the enclosure for transportation to its final destination. The EOD (easy offload device) provided as part of the packaging provides a rigid, steel-reinforced track and rail system designed to slide the configured rack off the shipping pallet. The angle and length of the ramps will accommodate even the deepest (1200mm) TS IT enclosure so that it transfers smoothly down the surface without striking the floor.Racks from Rittal

A key feature of the Dynamic Rack system is the addition of standard internal braces installed at multiple points between the front and rear rails. The resulting robust structure ensures that the critical computing components installed in the enclosure will be fully protected from torque and vibration during shipment. A reinforced cable management wall, designed to accommodate the system’s PDU, adds to this structural strength.

The entire package is built atop a “shock” pallet engineered to protect sensitive cargo and the overall system has been dynamic load-tested to 2,500 pounds.